11 pumpkin painting ideas for Halloween


With Halloween just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about what decorations to include inside and outside your home. We’re – controversially – big fans of pumpkin painting ideas for Halloween. Of course, the most important of all decorations is usually the carved pumpkin – but the carved designs can be messier (not to mention the stress) and the results you can get with painting can be truly breathtaking.

Painting squash instead of carving them will be just as fun and satisfying for little ones (and adults too!), But it takes the stress and clutter out of the activity while ensuring that your pumpkins will last through the entire vacation and enhance existing DIY Halloween decorations that you have displayed.

Pumpkin painting ideas for the whole family

Carving pumpkins can be a very messy activity and unless you’re a pro it’s hard to make them last very long, so if you’d rather avoid all of that, choose easy pumpkin painting ideas as the craft of choice this year to go.

Are you wondering where to start? Below, we’ve rounded up a handful of fun and unique ways to paint your gourds that will pack as much punch as traditional carved pumpkin ideas. All you need is acrylic paint, brushes, and a little imagination to bring your Halloween vision to life.

1. Pumpkins in pastel shades

pumpkin painting

(Image credit: @hellosweethome)

A nod to a pastel color theme for your painted Halloween pumpkins this year for more decorative and less spooky vibes. Take star and moon stencils, get creative with the fabrics, and we’re sure you can use this ghost for the perfect one!

“Painting pumpkins is a great alternative to carving, is safer for small children, and allows you to be more creative with different colors and designs,” shares Andrew Griffith, owner of Garden Furniture. “To really make the pumpkins stand out, purchase acrylic paint and a variety of brush sizes for small and large details. Adding glitter, pom poms, ribbons or feathers also adds a fun element to pumpkins. These items can be found at any dollar store and can always be reused for other arts and crafts ideas. ‘

2. DIY a Frankenstein pumpkin

pumpkin painting

(Image credit: @blvck_astronaut)

Sinister? To verify. Cool and artistic? Check, check. This carving free pumpkin design will take a little more patience, but you can just print a picture and trace it for an easier approach to painting.

“When painting pumpkins, try to stick to a theme to make them stand out even more on your forward walk,” suggests Griffith. “Maybe pick a favorite movie and paint the characters, or paint traditional Halloween creatures like a ghost, a skeleton, or Frankenstein’s monster.”

3. Wild pumpkins

pumpkin painting

(Image credit: @ raising_5)

Hot gluing pieces of cardboard onto the pumpkin to spread the artwork is also a great way to reuse your recycling and create a masterpiece, Griffith says. “Cutting out shapes like fish fins, legs and arms to attach to the pumpkin makes it look more three-dimensional,” he explains. “Painting is definitely an easier and more creative way to elevate your pumpkins this year, so put down the carving tools and grab a brush instead! We love this angelic deer pumpkin, enhanced with a natural setting from your own backyard.

4. Poured paint pumpkins

pumpkin painting

(Image credit: @melissa_bobby)

A little more modern and glamorous, we love this easy to paint pumpkin look. To make a paint suitable for drip painting on pumpkins, you need to combine three parts of acrylic paint with two parts of PVA glue and one part of water. It should be mixed well and give a nice texture when applying to your pumpkins or squash.

“For best results, you’ll want to put the paint in a squeeze bottle with a nozzle, but you can also just pour it from a cup or small jar,” says Josie Cornhill, Parent Blogger at Me, them and the others. “You will need a minimum of three colors and you will get the best results if white is one of them. “

Cornhill suggests pouring the paint directly over the pumpkins to create a base coat. To pour the paint over your pumpkin for the base, decide the order in which you want to add them, then squeeze or pour the paint over the end of the pumpkin stem until it overflows out the sides. . Repeat with your other colors then let dry.

5. Painted curved gourds

pumpkin painting

(Image credit: @sunnytheduckandfriends)

It makes sense that large pumpkins have become the benchmark for carving and decorating, but if you’re planning on painting your way through Halloween, a decorative gourd or two is no longer out of the question. Opt for unique shapes and sizes to give your decor a more playful touch. And, just add pom poms for more interest.

6. The Pumpkin 50:50

pumpkin painting

(Image credit: @sweetcakes_and_milkhakes)

No one said you have to give up sculpture entirely! In fact, choosing to paint and sculpt can create another dimension that will add visual interest and whimsy to your display. Consider using multiple pumpkins and squash and playing with each other for a fuller effect.

7. Unicorn pumpkins

pumpkin painting

(Image credit: @thismomisgoingplaces)

Most people look at a pumpkin and see a small blank canvas, but the stem and entire body of the pumpkin shouldn’t be overlooked. This hand painted unicorn is a great example of looking at the pumpkin as a whole rather than a small canvas.

pumpkin painting

(Image credit: @plaidcrafts)

You might not immediately think of metallic and other shiny hues when choosing paint for your pumpkin project, but adding gold, silver, and bronze colourways into the mix is ​​a sure-fire way to add some glamor. to your pumpkin paint job.

9. Freehand Fall Art Pumpkins

pumpkin painting

(Image credit: @olivianoceda)

Bright colors and spooky patterns are Halloween classics, but you don’t have to go for a traditional design if you plan to keep your pumpkins and squash on throughout the fall season. Consider turning to current trends for patterns and colors that will pack a punch while blending in with your existing decor.

10. Peach-colored pumpkins

pumpkin painting

(Image credit: _bayleymiller)

If your painted pumpkins act as a subtle decorative statement to wear other Halloween decorations such as spooky labels, like name tags or treat instructions, don’t be discouraged to paint yours in a pretty color from block for the perfect backdrop. Using spray paint can also work very well for this. We love a chalk finish while a gloss will also look great.

11. Floral fall pumpkins

White painted pumpkins with blue and pink flower patterns

(Image credit: Hobby Craft)

Create these pretty pumpkins and let them brighten up your fall decor. Simply paint the entire pumpkin – stem and all – white and when dry add the detail. We like to layer a couple, for a more artistic look.

How do I decorate my pumpkin?

How you decorate your pumpkin is completely up to you, how much time you have, what crafting materials you have and of course it depends a bit on your painting skills! Just use this Halloween craft activity as a great opportunity to get creative with the whole family during the spooky season!

Painting your pumpkins rather than carving them allows for much more use than just pasting on your fall porch. Consider using these decorative little gourds as an interior decoration; they make the perfect centerpiece for table decor and can even serve as place cards for fall dinners.

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