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The 10e The Art Jakarta Episode officially opened Thursday in the Grand Ballroom at the Ritz-Carlton Jakarta Pacific Place in South Jakarta.

The event, which is slated to run through Sunday, features local and international artwork and various activities, such as art workshops by Ganara Art Studio, an auction, and special performances like Flying Balloon Puppet. Show and Pasar Purnama by Sasikirana.

Among the exhibitors, visitors may find familiar faces including the Blink Gallery Hong Kong, Semarang Gallery, D Galerie, Zola Zolu Gallery and more.

However, among the plethora of paintings, Art Jakarta also features some interesting pieces, such as props by Rinaldy Yunardi and a solo exhibition by Instagram artist Alexander Thian, popularly known as Amrazing, presented by Isa Art Advisory.

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The first was supported by Sotheby’s and features various works created by the eminent accessory designer.

Meanwhile, Alexander’s exhibition, on the theme “#LetMeTellYouAStory”, presents offbeat photographs, piquing the curiosity of the public.

In addition to these interesting exhibitions, 2018 Art Jakarta also features Maggie Joan’s Green House. Appearing as an ephemeral restaurant, the concept is the result of a collaboration between interior designer Kezia Karin, landscape designer Satya Putra and Viro, a company that produces fake ecological materials.

Kezia said in a media session that the interior used anybody (woven) pieces made of materials produced by Viro, showing that anybody can also be a contemporary piece.

To celebrate its 10e anniversary, Art Jakarta 2018 also features “10 for 10”, a museum-style conceptual exhibition showcasing 10 art installations by prominent local artists, such as Eddy Susanto and Kemalezidin. (kes)

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