Best watercolor painting ideas for kids


According to a review by professors at the International Islamic University, “Color has been found to influence memory performance by increasing our level of attention and arousal.”

Thus, children are more often associated with colors, especially watercolor because let’s face it, it’s more fun!

Watercolors are a lively activity for children as a mixture of colors leads to exciting new discoveries for a child.

Pouring watercolors onto a sheet of paper can be reinvented in so many ways. Schools are also committed to teaching children different ways to paint in watercolor like blow paint, spray paint, and many more that we will see in the next section.

Stroke painting art

The wonders that can be associated with watercolor will never cease. Blow painting is a very elegant and artistic way to use watercolor, which is a frolic activity at the same time.

To engage in this technique, you dip your brush in your favorite water-based paints with just a dash of water. Then make a spot with the brush on the piece of paper.

Now comes the interesting part where you take a straw and blow on the paint so that it spreads all over the paper.

This can be done with a mixture of tints to make the painting more vibrant.

Spray painting art

Don’t be fooled by the name because you will not receive a spray paint bottle. Spray painting is another fun way to play with watercolor for a fascinating result.

For this you will need your favorite paints, a bowl of water, a sheet of paper and a toothbrush. Take your toothbrush and apply paint to it using a brush.

After applying a little water, twist the bristles of the toothbrush towards the paper and spray. It will be more effective when you use your thumb to spray because it will provide better grip.

This watercolor painting technique can be used to give the impression of stars in the sky or a galaxy of stars. You can also use it to create your own abstract art.

Resist art pencil

Resist art pencil is an amalgamation of all of your kid’s favorite coloring tools. Obviously, this watercolor painting idea will involve oil pencils as well as watercolors.

This technique can be used in several ways and we will learn it by first creating a snowflake.

On a sheet of paper, draw a large snowflake with your white oil pencil on the sheet of paper. Next, dip your brush in blue watercolor, with water and start painting all over your snowflake.

For best results, you can also use white paint on the paper or use it to create lighter shades of blue to represent ice. More water is advised in this idea so that the pencil resists stronger.

This can be used to make trees in shade green, with other shades of green to make a flower with many petals.

Salt painting technique

Art is never boring and it can surprise you and your child with its versatile nature. Now enter your kitchen and get yourself a bowl of salt to make your painting hours more fun.

Paint large blocks of different watercolors with thick water strokes, after dipping your brush in the water.

You have to act quickly here while the paint is still wet and sprinkle a little salt on the paint. Make sure to get rid of the salt quickly for the best results. Large chunks of salt make the paint stand out more.

Best watercolor painting ideas for kids

Paint with cling film

Once again, your kitchen becomes an art supply store for this technique. To make a watercolor masterpiece with this painting idea, all you need is your paints and cling film.

The first thing to check here is that anything you paint needs to be very liquid for this technique to work properly. You can paint a beautiful seascape with different shades of blue mixed with white.

Now, to give more texture to your art, apply cling film to the painted area and pinch it here and there. Keep it intact for a while before peeling it off. The result will be a convoluted, yet artistic painting.

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