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JAMMU, September 19: inter-school painting and drawing competitions were organized by Live For Others-Being Helpful Organization in collaboration with the Sarpanch office, Panchayat Gharnai in Panchayat Garnai at Government Middle School, Upper Garnai on the themes ” Swachh Bharat ”and“ Say no to drugs ”.
More than 15 different schools took part in this competition.
This competition was inaugurated by the guest of honor Jasvir Singh Rajput, DDC Panchari in the presence of the guest of honor Vikram Singh, Sarpanch of Garnai. The special guests of this program were Medhavi Sharma, National Institute of Designing AIR 2nd and Abhinav. The competition took place in two categories, i.e. up to 5th class category and above 5th class category.
Many students from various age groups with their enthusiasm, creativity and patriotism added charm to the event. The judges of this competition were Medhavi Sharma and Abhinav.
The category winners up to 5th class were Stuti Bandral from AOC High School who placed first in the competition, the first finalist was Radhika from KV No 1, and the second finalist was Bhaviya Anthal from Prinston English Academy.
The winners of the above 5th class category were Jagreet Kaur from Prinston English Academy, the first finalist was Deepika Somboria from Bright Career High School, while the second finalists were Bhumika Anthal from Prinston English Academy and Chetan from Bright Career High School .
Discussing the student artwork, Vivek Parihar, CEO / Founder of LFO-BH said, “The way the students play with colors is remarkable, and it was wonderful to see the amazing painting strategies.
The children were given stationery kits to further encourage them in their studies and take up painting and drawing as a hobby and provide them with ways to develop and express their creativity. Trophies and certificates were awarded to the top three winners in each category. Certificates were also given to all participants.
Sharing his opinion, Vishal Singh COO / Founder of LFO-BH said: “Children are the eyes of our future and we must provide them with a green and safe platform.
Abhinandan Sharma, General Secretary of LFO-BH, said: “I see a better future for art in our world, because even senior students are really interested in art and have done an awesome job”.

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