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Searching the web in May, she discovered that the episode would be rerun the next day in Baltimore. She traveled to Baltimore by bus and checked into a hotel to watch the segment.

“It was very biting, but the moment I saw it I knew it was my painting,” she said.

Upon her return to New York, she immediately called Sotheby’s and made an appointment with Mr. Uribe. “Just call me a mystery woman,” she told her office, unwilling to reveal her story until she was face to face with Mr. Uribe. She asked a pastor from her church, the First Church of Religious Science, to accompany her and introduced herself as Mrs. Green.

“I asked him to describe the painting,” Mr. Uribe recalls. “And when she said it had a sandy surface, I knew it was paint.” (Tamayo frequently grinded sand and marble into her painting.) She also told Mr. Uribe about the stickers on the back, which offered further confirmation that she had the real thing.

Mr. Uribe visited Ms. Gibson’s apartment on the Upper West Side and she began to dismantle the false wall. “I only saw a corner of the canvas, but I knew it was the painting,” he said. “The colors and the surface were unique to Tamayo. ”

Ms Gibson will receive the promised reward of $ 15,000 from the seller, along with more modest research fees from Sotheby’s, which the auction house refused to disclose.

Sotheby’s informed the FBI that “Three people” had been found. James Wynne, the agent in charge of the case, said as a criminal investigation was ongoing he could not determine if the agency had any clues as to who stole the work years ago. .

“Finding a million dollar painting in the trash is very unusual,” Mr. Wynne said. “It’s a real New York story.

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