Ten Degrees of Strange: moving clay scenes animate video clip on how to escape anxiety


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November 1, 2021

Grace Ebert

In the music video for Robert Macfarlane and Johnny Flynn’s new song “Ten degrees of strange, “director Lynn tomlinson (previously) captures endless transformations of human emotion through moving clay. The Baltimore-based host uses her singular technique, which involves painting the soft material on a glass background and photographing each frame, to create a stunning visual companion of the independent track on “Trying To Overcome Anxiety, Seeking The joy and strength in the landscape and movement. “

Shifting seamlessly from wide aerial shots to underwater close-ups, the animation opens on an ancient engraved tablet before following the antagonistic relationship between a central figure and a dog. “As a medium, clay holds a lot of power – its malleability allows me to move from scene to scene in a fluid way, just as the natural world changes and evolves over time,” says Tomlinson in A declaration. “In many ways, my clay-on-glass animation is naturally suited to telling stories about the passage of time, changing perspectives and the cycles of nature.

In addition to collaborative projects such as “Ten Degrees of Strange”, Tomlinson creates a variety of personal projects focused on human impact on the environment. You can watch these animations on Vimeo.

#clay #video #video

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