Turn ordinary stones into dazzling art with over 25 rock painting ideas


There is more to painting than simply applying a brush to a canvas. Painting is full of endless creative possibilities, and many of them challenge you to think beyond a square or rectangular frame. Cave painting is a prime example. Using acrylic paint, the artists take inspiration from the organic shape of the stones and transform them into tiny sculptures that fit in the palm of your hand.

Artists like Akie Nakata and Elspeth McLean represent two different, but equally dazzling, approaches to stone painting. Nakta prefers to keep her work grounded in realism and transforms smooth rocks into tiny lifelike creatures like owls, cats and even an alligator. Working with the natural contours of each rock, she first studies its details, then decides which animal she will imitate.

McLean takes an abstract approach to rock art. Using a colorful palette, she dabs dots of paint in mandala-like formations on the surface of circular stones. They vary in size and pattern, but the overall effect is visually calming and spellbinding.

It’s easier than you might think to get started in rock painting. All you need is your favorite set of brushes, acrylic paint, and stones. Unconventional webs are available foraging, but if that is not your style, they are also to be purchased. Amazon sells small to large size stones that have a smooth surface ready to be painted.

Once you’ve got your supplies ready, get inspired with some of our rock painting ideas below.

Animal rock painting ideas

Many artists choose to make the entire stone the body of the animal. But, it is not obligatory; Natasha Newton’s pebble paintings only use the top of the rocks for her portraits of creatures.

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