Aruna Harish creates works of art with instant coffee

Aruna Makeri, who paints under the name Aruna Harish, says it’s time to wake up and see the coffee on the wall. The self-taught artist’s works in coffee painting cover a wide range of themes, including portraits and landscapes. Recently, the versatile artist painted a family portrait as a housewarming gift.

The art of coffee by Aruna Harish

The Art of Coffee by Aruna Harish | Photo credit: special arrangement

A coffee lover, Aruna says she found coffee painting to be amazing art. “I’ve been doing this since 2020. There’s been a lot of interest in coffee painting. I do portraits of people, children, pets and custom art using instant coffee.

versatile medium

Coffee, she says, is a versatile medium to work with and lends itself to different jobs. « Using instant coffee, I paint on watercolor paper and ceramic plates. Working with three shades of coffee gives each painting depth and aesthetics.

Aruna Harish's Cityscape in Cafe Painting

Aruna Harish’s Cityscape in Cafe Painting | Photo credit: special arrangement

Shades of coffee color are created by using different amounts of water. Drip coffee is avoided because the sediment in the coffee might not give the desired finish to a painting.

Artisan and art teacher, Aruna has been teaching art for over 20 years. Participating in several exhibitions in Kuwait, she led art, embroidery and crochet workshops there.

She also produced cityscapes of Kuwait which included iconic landmarks. “It was in high demand as a souvenir and I made personalized pieces for customers. I plan to do such pieces on the cityscapes of Thiruvananthapuram and other cities in India.

The art of coffee by Aruna Harish

The Art of Coffee by Aruna Harish | Photo credit: special arrangement

In 2019, Aruna launched “Colors and Creation”, an online art business for handmade art, painting, crafts and custom orders. “I do coffee, watercolor with acrylic, ceramic plate painting, glass, bottle and wood painting, pyrography and pebble art.”

A portrait using coffee, painted by Aruna Harish

A portrait using coffee, painted by Aruna Harish | Photo credit: SPECIAL ARRANGEMENT

By attending workshops led by Kerala artists, she honed her innate talent in art. Pyrography, which involves engraving art on wood or wooden panels with fire, using an instrument, is an art she learned in Kuwait. “The results are aesthetically pleasing and you can do all kinds of artwork once you learn how to do it.”

Two years ago, Aruna moved to Thiruvananthapuram and offers online art classes and takes custom work orders. She has a colorsandcreation instagram account

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