Beautifying Flint, providing opportunities for local artists focuses on Free City Mural Festival 2022

FLINT, MI – For more than a dozen artists around the world, buildings and structures in Flint will serve as blank canvases over the next week as they paint murals for this year’s Free City Mural Festival. year.

The festival, which kicks off Saturday June 25 and runs for a week, ending Saturday July 2, features murals by 17 artists, according to an event brochure. The event serves to beautify parts of the city while shining the spotlight on local artists.

“The goal is to change Flint’s image and help spruce up the areas that aren’t the most beautiful and try to help solve the burn problem that we have,” said Joe Schipani, executive director of the Flint Public Art Project. “It also helps artists network. Mixing our local artists here with a group of artists from around the world helps build those networks, gets them traveling, gets them more jobs, and gets them noticed at a higher level.

Schipani said local artists previously featured in Flint were able to network through the inaugural festival and have moved on to greater things.

“Murals are a seasonal thing here in Michigan,” he said. “Because of that, some of our guys went to different festivals around the world in Mexico City, Miami. They traveled a lot more in the winter and managed to make a living doing this work.

The first mural festival was held in October 2019. The Flint Public Art Project revamped the Free City Festival into an international mural festival to help turn Flint’s narrative into an art city, according to information provided. by the organization.

Nine artists have been brought together to help change the landscape of parts of the city, and in 2019 over 100 murals were added to Flint.

But after the inaugural festival included art from 20 artists, the momentum was halted when the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent security measures implemented due to the pandemic brought the festival to a halt in 2020. and 2021.

Anyway, more than 100 murals were still painted across the city during the duration.

This year will be the first festival since the pandemic.

“It created excitement,” Schipani said. “It’s fun to see the new murals going up and it’s a great networking opportunity for local artists. It’s a good thing and it’s a fun thing for the city.

This year’s festival theme – “Imagining Flint’s Ideal Food System” – also aims to draw attention to areas in Flint – and other areas of Michigan – that can be improved.

Flint Public Art Project partnered this year with the Flint Leverage Points Project, a group completing a four-year study of the city’s food system. The theme was chosen after inadequacies in the food system were identified and highlighted during the Flint water crisis and the pandemic.

“It’s a nice artistic way to remind us that we have work to do here,” Schipani said.

Apart from the murals, many activities will also be offered throughout the week. Music will be played throughout the week in different areas of the city, and workshops and artist meetings will also be offered.

Below is a list of the artists who will be featured during the festival, as well as where they are from and where their murals will be painted:

-Depsone, Puerto Rico, 1273 Broadway Blvd.

-Klonism, Mexico, 4514 N. Saginaw St.

– Ripe Mind, CA, 1273 Broadway Blvd.

-Danielle Mastrion, New York, Riverbank Park, east of Saginaw Street

-Kevin (Scraps) Burdick, Flint, 1273 Broadway Blvd.

-Wake-N-Paint, Flint, 1522 Harrison St.

-Pauly Everett, Flint, 444 Saginaw Street.

-J Muzacz, Texas, 4514 N. Saginaw St.

-Johnny Fletcher, Flint, 610 Martin Luther King Ave.

-Zach Curtis, Pontiac, 705 Garland St.

-Colormebara, Guatemala, 2000 Saginaw St.

-Zulu, Florida, 1522 Harrison St.

-Mike Cobley, Flint, 1632 Beach St.

-Krystal Cook, Flint, 3107 Saginaw St.

-Isiah Lattimore, Flint, 6201 N. Saginaw St.

-Registered Artist, Florida, 3107 N. Saginaw St.

-James Smith, North Carolina, 3101 N. Saginaw St.

Go here for more information on when and where the events will take place, as well as biographies of each of the participating artists.

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