The designer spends more than 190 hours embellishing her dress with a landscape

french designer Sylvie Way creates bespoke dresses worthy of a fairy tale. Her specialty is embellishing delicate silk dresses with embroidery, beading and even paint. One of his most recent creations features a romantic depiction of a bucolic European landscape framed by a verdant border.

The finished piece took more than 190 hours of painstaking work. However, when you take a closer look at the garment, it’s easy to see why it took so long. Facon used the entire bodice as a canvas, starting by transforming the bust into blue and pink skies dotted with tiny footage and semi-opaque white clouds, and covering the area below with a vision into a destination. romantic.

Two tall, verdant trees are the first details that catch the viewer’s eye. Facon fills their leaf wreath with numerous bows and beads to create a three-dimensional texture that shimmers in the light. Behind their branches is a painting of rolling hills strewn with shrubs and flowers, and a vision of a large gray church or castle looming in the distance. The entire image is cradled inside the delicate frame of a pair of brown colored leaves, which are also adorned with a fleck of glitter.

While the bodice of this dress is the centerpiece, the rest of the design of the garment is equally glamorous. For example, attached to the shoulders is an emerald green translucent cape with a metallic vine detail that floats effortlessly over the wearer’s arms and back. Likewise, the skirt of the dress features some of the same silver vines along the hips and a fade that darkens towards the bottom of the dress.

You can find dresses available for purchase through Facon’s websiteand stay up to date with her latest creations by following her on instagram.

Artist Sylvie Facon creates delicate dresses adorned with exquisite patterns.

Dress decorated by hand by Sylvie FaconDress decorated by hand by Sylvie Facon

She spent over 190 hours embellishing this dress with embroidery, beading and delicate paint.

Dress decorated by hand by Sylvie FaconDress decorated by hand by Sylvie FaconDress decorated by hand by Sylvie FaconSylvie Facon: Website | Facebook | instagram

My Modern Met has granted permission to feature photos by Sylvia Facon.

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